CNC Milling

Milling is a machining method in which a milling cutter is used as a tool to machine the surface of an object. Use a rotating multi-edge tool to cut the workpiece. As a reputable cnc machine milling and turning company in China, Zhongde supplies customized precision cnc machining services.

High speed cnc milling by Zhongde is generally carried out on a milling machine or a boring machine, which is suitable for processing planes, grooves, various forming surfaces, and special shapes of molds. Zhongde has advanced horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines, and gantry milling machines in China, which can be used to process small to large cnc machining metal parts and plastic parts.

At the same time, our 3-axis machining centers and 5-axis machining centers can also ensure the accuracy and quality of processed products. We have many kinds of materials such as metal and rubber, and different customized cnc milling surface treatments for you to choose from. Our milling services can meet your various needs. As for the cnc mill cost, Zhongde, a reliable cnc machining services supplier, always sticks to the customer-oriented principle and provide affordable milling and machining price. Get a quote immediately and we will offer you the most competitive cnc machine milling, cheap and best.


Size of CNC Milling

Below table shows the size of rubber CNC Milling parts we usually make. If you need a larger size, we can also help you achieve it.

Size Metric Inch
Length 2500 98.7
Width 2000 78.7
Height 1500 59

Available Material of CNC Milling

In addition to the general materials listed below, Zhongde, a reputable cnc machining company, providing cnc milling and cnc turning service, can also modify the materials according to the special needs of customers. Our professional engineers will adjust the raw material formula to meet the unique conditions of use.

CNC Metals
  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Stainless Steel

  • Brass

  • Carbon Steel

  • Steel Alloy

CNC Plastics
  • ABS

  • Nylon 6

  • PVC

  • HDPE

  • PC | Polycarbonate

  • PP | Polypropylene

  • POM | Delrin

  • LDPE


  • PTFE

Surface Finishing of CNC Milling

Name Description
Glossy The mold is smoothed and then polished with a diamond buff, resulting in parts with a mirror-like finish.
Semi-gloss The mold is smoothed with fine-grit sandpaper, resulting in parts with a fine surface finish.
Matte The mold is smoothed using fine stone powder, removing all machining marks.
Textured finish The mold is first smoothed with fine stone powder and then sandblasted, resulting in a textured surface.
As-machined finish The mold is finished at the machinist's discretion. Tool marks may be visible.


Injection Molding

  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Rubber Injection Molding
  • Overmolding & Insert Molding

Compression Molding

Cast Molding

CNC Machining

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning

Metal Stamping

3D Printing

  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Selective Laser Sintering

Material Selection

Color Option

Surface Finishing

Assembly & Packaging

Custom Products

Custom Plastic Parts

  • Plastic Parts
  • Plastic Bonding Metal Parts

Custom Rubber Parts

  • Rubber Parts
  • Rubber Bonding Metal Parts
  • Rubber With Fabric Parts
  • Rubber Bonding Plastic Parts

Custom TPE Parts

  • TPE Parts

CNC Machining Parts

  • Plastic CNC Machining Parts
  • Metal CNC Machining Parts

3D Printing Parts

  • Plastic 3D Printing Parts
  • Metal 3D Printing Parts
  • Assembly Parts

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