Custom Precision Metal Stamping Service

Zhongde, a professional custom metal stamping and fabrication company, provides high precision products, with considerate services. 

Unlike our custom plastic injection molding, industrial metal stamping and pressing is a manufacturing process in which a metal stamping die or a series of metal stamping dies is used to form a large metal sheet, such as an aluminum sheet, into a three-dimensional workpiece. 

Our customized metal stamping includes a number of metal forming techniques — blanking, punching, bending, and piercing, to name a few. Whether it’s brass stamping, iron stamping or stainless steel stamping, metal stamping, by the reliable custom injection moulding and metal stamping manufacturer — Zhongde, is a fast and cost-effective solution for quickly-produced large quantities of complex parts. Related metal services: short run metal stamping, progressive metal stamping, electrical stamping, hard steel stamping, hot sheet stamping, four slide/multi slide stamping… 

Advantages of Metal Stamping

high effcient and easy to realize automation

High effcient and easy to realize automation

wide range of processing size with the complex size

Wide range of processing size withe complex shape

quality stable pieces with high precision

Quality stable pieces with high precision

save material and energy suitable for mass production

Save material and energy suitable for mass production

easy to operate with low production cost

Easy to operate with low production cost

Metal Stamping Service

Name Description
Press Capacity Up to 1,000 tons
Product Volume Prototype to High Volume
Stamping Machine Capacity 25 Ton, 40 Ton, 80 Ton, 100 Ton, 160 Ton
Piloting Hole φ0.08mm
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.007mm
Sheet Material Thickness 0.04mm-3.2mm
Manufacturing Facility 5,000 sqm
Types of Metal Stamping progressive, fourslide and deep draw

30 sets of high-speed press machine, all with electronic sensor to maintain high speed & safely stamping production in limited downtime. Tonnage from 30T-160T, running speed from 60-1500SPM.

Guideline of Metal Stamping

Size of Metal Stamping

The below table shows the size of Metal Stamping parts we usually make. If you need a larger size, we can also help you achieve it.

Size Metric Inch
Length 3000 118
Width 2500 98.4
Height 2000 78.7

Available Material of Metal Stamping

In addition to the general materials listed below, Zhongde, a reputable china custom cnc parts supplier specializing in cnc machining parts and metal stamping, can also modify the materials according to the special needs of customers. Our professional engineers will adjust the raw material formula to meet the unique conditions of use.

  • Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel,

  • Aluminum, Copper,

  • Beryllium Copper, Other Metals

  • Low Alloy Steel, Commercial Carbon Steel,

  • Brass, Phosphor Bronze,

Surface Finishing of Metal Stamping

  • In-Line Annealing

  • Parts Washing

  • Sanding

  • Burnishing

  • Laser & Electromarking

  • Pickle Passivating

  • Bead Blasting

  • Buffing

  • Electropolish

  • Painting


Injection Molding

  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Rubber Injection Molding
  • Overmolding & Insert Molding

Compression Molding

Cast Molding

CNC Machining

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning

Metal Stamping

3D Printing

  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Selective Laser Sintering

Material Selection

Color Option

Surface Finishing

Assembly & Packaging

Custom Products

Custom Plastic Parts

  • Plastic Parts
  • Plastic Bonding Metal Parts

Custom Rubber Parts

  • Rubber Parts
  • Rubber Bonding Metal Parts
  • Rubber With Fabric Parts
  • Rubber Bonding Plastic Parts

Custom TPE Parts

  • TPE Parts

CNC Machining Parts

  • Plastic CNC Machining Parts
  • Metal CNC Machining Parts

3D Printing Parts

  • Plastic 3D Printing Parts
  • Metal 3D Printing Parts
  • Assembly Parts

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FAQ of Metal Stamping

​What is manufacturing tools for stamping

There are several steps in producing metal stamping: 1. Designing and manufacturing the actual tool used to create the product. 2. Tool Steel and Die Set Machining. 3. Secondary Processing. 4. Wire EDM.

What is Related processes for stamping?

Other processes such as blanking, perforating, parting, drawing, notching, lancing, and bending operations are all related to stamping.

Types of Stamping Dies

According to the processing method, precision stamping die products can be divided into punching and shearing molds, bending molds, pumping molds, forming molds and compression molds. Considering the combination of different working procedure, custom metal stamping dies can be divided into single working procedure mold, compound mold, progressive mold and transfer mold. In terms of the nature of the process, sheet metal stamping dies can be divided into punching die, bending die, drawing die, forming die and riveting die.

Types of Metal Stamping

The dimensional accuracy of the electrical metal stamping parts is guaranteed by the mold, so the formed metal parts are of stable quality with good interchangeability. Hard stamping is tolerant in size and shape of metal and steel parts. Both small size and larger size, simple parts or complex parts can be made with high precision. Short run metal stamping service by Zhongde, a reputable company in four or multi slide stamping, involves no blank hot heating or large number of metal sheet cutting, so it is an energy saving and metal saving method. The production efficiency of progressive metal stamping is high, and the operation is convenient, easy to realize mechanization and automation.

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